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If you are experiencing chest pain, severe shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, or a severe headache call 911.

Polyclinic patients, currently only COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available for online booking. To book a primary or specailty care appointment, call 206-329-1760.

Everett Clinic patients, if the provider or department you're looking for isn't listed below, call 425-259-0966 to make an appointment.

Everett Clinic patients can aslo schedule an appointment at one of our Walk In Clinics by Reserving your spot

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In an effort to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19, The Everett Clinic and The Polyclinic are following recommendations to limit and restrict visitors accompanying patients into our buildings during the pandemic. Please note the following guidelines: A) One parent may accompany a minor/child patient. Siblings cannot accompany unless they are being seen as a patient as well. B) One caregiver may accompany a patient with cognitive limitations or disability. C) One caregiver may accompany a patient with physical limitations or disability. D) We have designated locations for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms at the time of your visit, your appointment may be cancelled and you may be redirected to another site for evaluation.